Made in Nigeria: Top Apps and games by Nigerians

December 15, 2021
December 15, 2021 Zee

Made in Nigeria: Top Apps and games by Nigerians

The developer scene in Nigeria is doing ok, so here are some very good apps and games made by nigerians, for nigerians.  from streaming to reading, these are worth checking out.

1. Iroko tv

Access the world’s best Nollywood movies & TV series: Thousands of Nigerian & Ghanaian films and Watch your favorite movies and TV shows offline.

You can also Keep movies on your device and watch them anytime without using additional data!

iROKOtv is available globally and by subscribing at USD 14.99/quarter.

2. Okada books

Okada books is more than an app. They have over 20000 books in their library and over 200,000 users. 80% of the books are free to read while the others cost way less than a kidney. (I loved that line, btw).

With OkadaBooks, you can read thousands of books on different genres from epic romance novels to heart warming thrillers, fiction or non fiction.

Even authors are covered. Setting up to become an author is done in as quickly as your internet connection. Check them out. I stan.

3. Naija Ludo

Ludo in nigerian lingua is a board and dice 🎲 game. And very addictive. When i was little we used to stay hours and hours playing this. Now imagine having this as both an iOS and Android app. You’ll never get any work done!  I like it. Try it.

4. Piggy Vest

I have written about piggyvest here before. It’s a savings app. It’s no Intuit or quickbooks or Mint, but it gets the job done.

5. Cowrywise

Cowrywise helps you budget, save and invest.

Just like piggyvest, cowrywise is a savings and investment app. I’ve used it to achieve a few goals down the line and I’m still using it.

Check them out too.

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