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7 of the Best WordPress user management plugins 2020

Let’s talk about WordPress user management plugins and how to manage multiple users securely.

If you have a website with multiple authors, editors, subscribers and other types of users – some blogs have this – then you need plugins. Here are the best role management plugins for WordPress.

These plugins will allow you to customize the 5 default user roles, and also create your own rules and permissions.

#1. Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced allows you to edit those capabilities and create customized user roles for your WordPress site.

cme banner

With Capability Manager Enhanced, you can customize the permissions of all the existing roles. You can also create new roles and control their permissions.

Capability Manager Enhanced has you covered with custom post types too. Any post type on your site (plus the Media Library) gets custom settings for Editing, Deleting and Reading.

To control the settings of Capability Manager Enhanced, install the plugin, and go to Users > Capabilities.

cme capabilities

#2. User Role Editor

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User Role Editor is similar to Capability Manager Enhanced and Members.

You can also assign multiple roles to a single user and change the roles assigned by default to new users. Besides, you can create new capabilities and assign them on a per user basis. You can also remove unused capabilities that remain from deactivated plugins. The plugin supports multisites.

In case you wish to hide branding or hide specific front-end items from some users, you’ll need to upgrade to User Editor Pro. This version will also allow you to block or show select widgets, metaboxes, and user access to plugins on a per plugin basis.

#3. Adminimize

To present a clean admin area to your users, you can try Adminimize. It helps to hide all the unnecessary items that users don’t need to deal with. It removes items from view depending on the user’s role. This way, you can clean up the admin area for your users. You can even create different admin interfaces for different users and adjust almost every item on the menu in the settings page of the plugin.

While User Role Editor is to add or remove capabilities, Adminimize is used to restrict access to other areas of WordPress and can also be used to clean up the pages that your customer can see using it’s ability to add your own CSS Classes / ID’s. – Beyond Beaver

#4. Press Permit

PressPermit is an advanced content permissions system, now part of the PublishPress family of professional publishing tools.

WordPress user management plugins


WordPress has 5 default roles. In contrast, Press Permit allows you to go far beyond those 5 roles. For example, you can have a group that contains all the users on your site, no matter what role they’re in. Or you can have a group that contains all your visitors who don’t have user accounts.

This ought to win award for most complicated WordPress user management plugins in 2020.


#5. Members

members banner

The Members plugin hasn’t been updated in a year but it still makes it to our list of WordPress user management plugins because it’s that good. It has a similar set of permissions to Capability Manager Enhanced and allows you to edit users, roles, and capabilities to put the control firmly in your hands.

On the settings page of the plugin, you can configure options to grant multiple roles to one user or to deny a specific capability to a single user or group of users.

#6. User Switching

User Switching

The User Switching plugin is a time saver when you’re testing out something on WordPress. Often, you may need to log in and out of different accounts or move between two or more user accounts. As the site admin, you may have to move between multiple accounts. This plugin helps you log out from the present account and into a new account with a single click.

Only users with the ability to edit another user can switch into that user’s account. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing accounts that they do not have the privilege to edit.

Best as far as I’m concerned in terms of WordPress user management plugins.


#7. Advanced Access Manager

WordPress user management plugins

Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) is a powerfully robust WordPress plugin designed to help you control every aspect of your website, your way.

It helps you control access to specific areas of your site like posts, pages, or custom post types. This control can be effected for a specific user, role, or visitor. Moreover, it allows you to create, alter, or delete any user role or capability and to manage them.

The free plugin comes with 100+ features, and if that’s not sufficient, you can check out the premium extensions. They allow you to restrict access to categories, widgets, and metaboxes and specify the default access for all posts and categories. Other features include protection from brute force attacks, double authentication, controlling access to media files, tracking logged-in users, and the capability to filter back-end menu and content.


Honorable mentions:

For more WordPress user management plugins:

  • Simple Local Avatars: If the user has media permissions, this plugin will add a field in the user profile to upload the avatar. You can pick a size, and the plugin will even crop and resize the image for you.
  • User Access Manager: Useful plugin if you want to create member areas or private sections of a blog. Only members of that user group will have access and privileges to this area, while nonmembers cannot access it.
  • WP-UserOnline: To know how many users are active on your site, their location, and other related stats, this is the plugin to use. This way, you can tell the number of guests, bots, and members on your site.
  • Force Strong Passwords: The user profile editor includes a password strength indicator. This plugin makes sure that users make up and use strong passwords.
  • Delete Me: Users with specific user roles can delete themselves and exit your website when this plugin is active.


Hope these help.

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