4 best email marketing services

December 5, 2017
December 5, 2017 Zee

4 best email marketing services

In a previous post, we talked about how to run a successful email marketing campaign. But how do you run a campaign when you don’t have the best service providers? Here’s the list of the top 4, according to users.

  1. MailChimp
  2. AWeber
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. Constant Contact

Good email marketing service enables you to create highly engaging emails, manage your contacts, segment users into groups, and track the performance of your email campaigns. Most importantly, a good email marketing service ensures that your emails do not end up in the spam folder. 


At Pishon, we use MailChimp, and I personally love it. The mobile app makes it simply amazing to use and test reports, etc so it’s a yes for me.

best email marketing services


Mailchimp is quickly becoming a leader in the email marketing industry because of their fun, quirky attitude, and their dedication to maintaining a positive image. They have a strong policy against spam and prefer to cater to small business and entrepreneur types more than Internet Marketers and bulk-emailers.

Mailchimp has a strong analytics package, full auto-responder functionality, and makes it easy to build, track, and segment campaigns of any type. Their built-in design editor is also handy for building great looking forms and emails on the fly.

It integrates beautifully with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many other platforms. If you are using WordPress, then see this ultimate guide to using MailChimp and WordPress for detailed instructions.

MailChimp also comes with easy email creator, merge tags, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking and analytics. It also allows you to set up delivery times based on user’s timezones and setup segmenting based on geolocation.

MailChimp offers a forever free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for upto 2,000 subscribers. Their paid plans start from $10/month.

Because of their free plan, we rate MailChimp the best email marketing software for nonprofits.


best email marketing services


AWeber is the one of the most popular email marketing services on the web. They offer a wide-range of tools for small and medium sized businesses to manage their email marketing.

For detailed instructions, see WP Beginner’s ultimate guide on how to connect AWeber to WordPress.

You get access to ready to use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights.

AWeber offers a 30 day free trial. After that, their pricing starts from $19/month.




Campaign Monitor is another popular email marketing solution. It gives you everything you would need to run successful campaigns and then some more.

You can personalize each message using the rich customer data. This makes your emails more personal and gives much better results.

Not to mention their easy to use A/B testing, tracking, optimization, and social sharing tools.

Campaign Monitor’s pricing plans start from $9/month.




Constant Contact is well known amongst the small business market, and is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing service in the world. It is also the most easy to use and beginner friendly email marketing service.

They also have a great package for event marketers, featuring many of the same features that you’d find in a typical email package. Both packages feature analytics, social media integration, form templates, and an anti-spam checker.

You can easily manage your email lists, contacts, email templates, and more.

Each account gives you access to easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, an image library and 1GB of storage for your own files.

Hope this helps. Google can also give more insights. Enjoy!



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