5 things a Marketing Agency can do for you

July 9, 2019
July 9, 2019 Zee

5 things a Marketing Agency can do for you

Let’s say you have a new startup, business or venture, and you’ve gone at it for more than a bit, and still no growth, what do you do? That’s when you think of getting a marketing agency. Think of it as PR for business. In this article, we’ll tell you why, when and what a marketing agency can do for you.

“Marketing companies can help your business develop a marketing strategy, plan and manage campaigns, or provide specific services, such as telemarketing or market research. You can retain their services for a specific project or hire them on a retainer basis to assist you over a period of time.” – Source

Following the scenario above, I’d say you need a marketing agency the second you identify the goals of your business or venture.

The following criteria should help you in deciding what to look for when hiring a marketing agency

1. Track record

I’m tired of marketing agency who offer SEO services but you can barely find them on Google. If you offer a service, then you should OWN it. So if I say I’m a social media expert, then I’d better have good engagement on my channels. It’s a no-brainer.

2. Accessibility

If you’re hiring a firm that offers marketing services, they had best be accessible – and be able to make your brand accessible. This is your business they are talking about. what a marketing agency can do in terms of accessibility is huge and I mean accessibility in timeline, schedules and a good working plan of how to manage your brand.

3. Ignore brand names

The popular ones are not always the best. Creativity will beat brand popularity any day. In the long run, these people’s dedication and passion for your business will determine how successful it will be.

4. Don’t be too concerned about money

Price matters, of course, especially in today’s society. But insisting on following your budget strictly may get you into trouble with low quality services and watered down talent.


5 things a marketing agency can do for you

Number 1: Find your Unique voice and identify your target market

Unique -- What a Marketing Agency can do for you

Your business or venture is different, even though it doesn’t look like it, and one of the best things a marketing agency can do for you is to find it. Bring it out. And showcase it. It’s kinda like a USP – Unique selling point. Your business cannot afford to be similar to or better than company B. It must be different, clearly so, and distinct.

When they have found it, then it’s their duty to help you reduce it to a few words, and even make it out into a slogan, if you like.

Number 2: Make you visible

The whole point of hiring a marketing manager is to increase visibility, right? Then that’s what they should do. A marketing firm should get your brand on wherever they think would help increase visibility – social media, billboards (if you can afford it) and more.

Number 3: Profit

Profit -- What a Marketing Agency can do for you

Hiring marketing agencies can be expensive, so it is necessary to make sure your investment is worth it. Unless your business is a non profit, then one of your goals should be to make money. If the marketing agency doesn’t device a strategy that will help you make money as a brand, start looking for another.

Number 4: In Bed with Technology

What a Marketing Agency can do for you

A good marketing agency has to be completely tech savvy. SSL. SEO. Panda. AI. Bots. Voice-based search. Video. A good marketing agency is on top of tech that can impact your brand directly and make sure you’re playing by the “rules of the internet.”

Number 5: They should sell you. Increase your brand value.

Add value -- What a Marketing Agency can do for youOf all the things a marketing agency can do, this is the most important. You hire a marketing agency because you want to increase the value of your brand. In the end, whatever strategy they come up with must ultimately do just that – increase your brand value by at least 80%.

And finally, a word of advice —

“The best way to learn what an agency can do for you is to talk to their current and past clients. Even if the reference isn’t in the same industry as your firm, they’ll be able to provide insights on project delivery, team dynamics, overall client management and success rates.” – Hinge Marketing


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Good luck!


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