10 Mobile Apps for Startups in 2021

August 3, 2021
August 3, 2021 Zee

10 Mobile Apps for Startups in 2021

Mobile Apps for Startups in 2021

10 Mobile Apps for Startups in 2021. Starting your own business is terrifying and exhausting.

Trust me, I should know – having run 2 businesses for more than a decade. Luckily, with technology comes ease, and ALMOST everyone has a mobile phone – which means there will be apps to make the job easier.

Listed below are mobile apps for startups that will help you run your business well by smoothing out processes like marketing, accounting and team management – the core of any successful startup.

I use nearly half of these, and I can confirm they leave me free to concentrate on growth.

So, in no particular order, these are the 10 mobile apps for startups

1. Slack

Number one in the mobile apps for startups.

Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need.

Much of Slack’s success is due to the fact that it meets the needs of all customers. Slack’s code is easily sharable as it is to share images and text. No matter what industry users work in or what they are trying to do, Slack makes it simple to work efficiently and share information.

What is the Significance of Slack?

Well, for if you’re like me for example and you work on different projects that are living separately and you’re mostly working from home. You can send a slack a message instead to that person. And because that person is getting a message from me through slack, they know it is work-related and thus they know that that is important.

Slack is available for browser, iOS and Android here

2. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking app. They say it’s one of the best. I don’t know how true that is specifically, as there are doper notes such as Apple Notes and Bear for iOS, but they do have features that are unique to startups, and that’s why it’s on my list for mobile apps for startups in 2021.

Evernote is an app – Android and iOS – designed for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. It is developed by the Evernote Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. The app allows users to create notes, which can be text, drawings, photographs, audio, or saved web content. – Wiki

For a startup, it is a powerful tool that can be very helpful for your entrepreneurial life and your business. It has the potential to increase your productivity and ensure that you will not forget anything connected with your business.

Other nice alternatives with the same concept are Microsoft OneNote, Notion and Nimbus Notes.

3. Kickstarter

Have a little idea that needs a boost? If you have a robust social network, this crowdfunding site could be just the thing to help.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site. But I believe it is an essential member of this mobile apps for startups list. Small businesses that are successful on Kickstarter often go on to build a loyal customer base and earn positive social media and press coverage. And unlike a business loan, the money you raise on Kickstarter is completely yours to keep. – Source

While the vast majority of campaigns raise $10,000 or less, an increasing number are raising $1 million of more.

As those numbers have gotten larger, Kickstarter and other rewards-based crowdfunding sites have become an increasingly important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Startups use these campaigns not only for fundraising, but also for marketing and product development. – Forbes

4. LinkedIn

Everyone knows LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a place for formal Business Owners and Professionals. In fact, most popular brands have LinkedIn Pages.

If your Startup offers services or products that target other businesses through B2B Model, then LinkedIn is a place for you.

According to Oberlo, LinkedIn is popular not only among job seekers but also businesses, with more than 30 million companies listed on the platform in 2019. In fact, Four out of every five B2B marketers use LinkedIn, compared to 91 percent of B2B marketers who use Facebook. That puts it ahead of Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, which are used by 67 percent, 66 percent, and 54 percent of B2B marketers respectively. – Source

On LinkedIn, businesses have direct access to their customers, competitors, investors, potential hires and prospects.

LinkedIn is available online via web, iOS or Android.

5. Timely Automatic Time Tracking

Timely’s automatic time tracking software helps companies stay connected with their workforce and report accurately on their business from billing and project management, to team management and resource planning. Offering strict user-level privacy by design, it’s a tracking tool that employees actually trust.

With the Timely app, you can create project time blocks for each day, drag and drop blocks throughout your calendar and time how long each project takes you. The free version of Timely only allows for 1 user and 5 projects.

6. Microsoft To Do

Where would my business be without a to-do app? With so many things clamouring for attention, a to-do list is a must have for any startup, small business owner or entrepreneur.

There are so many to-do, task apps all over the internet but my favorite is Microsoft To Do list, and this is a first, as I’m no Microsoft fan.

Microsoft To Do is a cloud-based task management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer. It helps you stay organized and manage your day-to-day. You can use Microsoft To Do to make shopping lists or task lists, take notes, record collections, plan an event, or set reminders to increase your productivity and focus on what matters to you.

7. Invoice 2go: Easy Quote Maker

When you can send an invoice straight after you complete a job, you’ll save time and get paid faster.

It’s a no-brainer.

Invoice2go is the all-in-one tool that helps you run your small business, manage customer relationships, send invoices, accept payments, improve cash flow, create an online presence, and much more.

Each invoice is beautifully formatted, making you look like the professional you are. Use a standard invoice template or add a logo, choose colors, and include your brand with Invoice2go’s invoicing software. You can also share your invoices via text, email, or other platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Invoice apps are one of the top mobile apps for startups in 2021. Invoice 2go is available for both iOS and Android.

A very worthy and iOS alternative is SWIFT INVOICE –  Which I personally love, and use.

8. Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App

Achieve peace of mind with all the important documents always at hand. Easily create folders, find any document in seconds, and automatically back up scans in a cloud.

Scanner Pro makes it to my list of mobile apps for startups too since scanning is basically a lost art this digital age. You can convert any scan into text and read, select, and export it to other apps. Scanner Pro uses smart OCR technology and recognizes the text in 25+ languages.

Scanner Pro is not available for Android but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. Android users may want to check out PhotoScan by Google, OpenScan, Microsoft Lens or Adobe Scan.

9. LogoScopic – Logo Maker

What is a startup without a great logo?

As you may have already observed, a great logo is very very important for your brand.

The good thing about making a logo: you have options. The bad: many of these are expensive, especially if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out. That’s where logo design apps come in.

You have 3 options for getting a logo:

1) Work with a VERY expensive company

2) Work 1-1 with a freelancer

3) Use a logo maker. That’s where LogoScopic comes in.

LogoScopic is a powerful logo design studio that will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience.

10. MindNode – Mind Map & Outline

I like the uniqueness of MindNode. Start planning your vacation. Outlining your next best-seller. Writing your notes. MindNode lets you capture, organize, style and share your thoughts. MindNode is the most delightful brainstorming app for Mac and iOS. It helps you capture your thoughts and create a clear picture of your
idea. So when thinking of your next business idea for your startup, MindNode should help.



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