SAFARICOM Launches M-PESA Super App

June 25, 2021 Zee

SAFARICOM Launches M-PESA Super App

One of the top service providers in Kenya, Safaricom has unveiled a new M-PESA App this 2021. And it looks amazing.

The video intro is cool…

Features of the new M-PESA Super App

According to Safaricom, the M-PESA super app will:

  • – New offline mode: The new Offline Mode Enables M-PESA Super App Customers to Transact Even Without Data Bundles and When Offline.
  • – Mini-Apps will enable customers and businesses complete day-to-day and occasional tasks within the M-PESA Super App and M-PESA for Business App, including deliveries, ticket booking, shopping, licences applications, insurance and much more from hundreds of businesses, government agencies, utilities and other firms.
  • – Besides the Mini-Apps and Offline Mode, the M-PESA Super App provides customers with a range of other convenient features. These include fingerprint and face unlock and transaction authentication, detailed usage statements, and an easy-to-use and fun design. Customers can therefore use fingerprint or face unlock to confirm a transaction in place of their M-PESA PINs.

For me, the greatest feature is that:

M-PESA Global customers can send money to other mobile phone customers around East Africa, and to other countries directly into bank accounts, Western Union, or link and transact through PayPal.

I remember writing about my M-PESA experience here when I visited Kenya. We gathered that: The upgrade also follows lessons gleaned from Safaricom’s move to zero-rate fees for transactions less than Sh1,000 as part of the company’s intervention to cushion users from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. – Standard

“The M-Pesa business app will enable and empower them with powerful tools to manage and grow their businesses. Ultimately, our aim is that for every Sh1 a business collects on M-Pesa, they should be able to make an extra Sh5,” Ndegwa said.

We personally think this is an amazing innovation. The first of many.

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