7 Proven Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019

January 9, 2019
January 9, 2019 Zee

7 Proven Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019

Three things are a constant: Ronaldo’s abs, taxes, and a very dodgy Instagram Algorithm. Here are 7 confirmed and proven Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019.

Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019:

1. Follow for Follow:

This is the method of randomly following as many random Instagram people as possible and liking and commenting on their posts on an hourly or daily basis. It’s VERY time-consuming but the return on time invested is worth it because the more subscribers you follow and engage, the more likely they will return the favor of following your IG page and engaging with your content.

Pros – People are willing to follow one account in exchange for a follow back. This can help you grow by leaps and bounds pretty quickly.

Cons – It muddies up your personal feed filled with dozens of new people who you don’t know and have no true interest in following, you are only following them because they followed you. After a while when you unfollow them, they notice and get upset and unfollow you… Or they’re the first people to lose interest and unfollow. So you’re back to square 1.

The method is a numbers game, which will be advantageous if you are growing your brand or simply looking to become more famous on the application.


2. Follow Unfollow:

“The Instagram follow unfollow method refers to an account following a TON of other social media accounts with the sole objective of getting a ‘follow back’ in return.” If they DON’T get it, they’ll unfollow after a certain amount of time. It might be a day, a week, four weeks. And they WILL still unfollow you even if you DO follow back.

Pros – People tend to notice the icon that says they have new followers when they open their app. When they tap their activity feed the name of the person pops up right away with a big blue “follow” button. They are more apt to at the very least tap on the account and see who is following them, and if your account is interesting give you a follow back. This method usually results in a 30-35% follow back rate.

Cons – Again, your feed gets cluttered and you see only new people and none of the old ones who you actually used to engage with though they are still there, but this is a VIABLE method as tested and proven by Agorapulse here.

If you target the right accounts you can grow pretty decently from this. Follower count can make or break deals with companies.


3. Engagement Groups:

Otherwise known as Engagement pods.

In plain English, a pod is a group of Instagrammers (that could be anything from 15 to 100 people) who tell each other when they post and promise to like and comment on everyone else’s to promote their visibility.

Most pods are found through Facebook groups, and then through there, you get an invite.

Pods work with group chats via DM (direct message) on Instagram. Podmates send each other a DM whenever they share a new Instagram post. Every member of the pod then heads straight over to the post and gives it a like and a genuine, thought out comment. The idea behind this being that the more engagement a post gets within the first minutes, the higher up on users’ feeds it’ll appear.

Pros – Your photos are getting a decent amount of interaction, the likes are up, and the engagement is good. Photos that have high numbers of likes are going to be featured more often in the “TOP” sections of their hashtags thus furthering their reach.

Cons – You are not actually getting likes from your followers. Thus your stuff still isn’t showing up in their feed.


4. Buying Followers:

Buying followers is another way to get followers on Instagram. I don’t like it and think it’s not right, but Instagram is a numbers game.

Pros – You bought 1000 followers, you now have 1000 new followers. It pads your numbers and makes your account look like it has a decent following. (They’ll unfollow you later though, lol. These are bots.)

Cons – The followers you are buying are most likely fake or spam accounts. They won’t interact with your photos and are only there to add to the number at the top of your profile. If they are real accounts they tend to unfollow very quickly, and you just wasted your money.


5. Buy Instagram Likes

I never even knew until last year that it was possible to buy likes. Like for real?? Isn’t that kinda like …em, pointless? After a day your post drops into oblivion on the timeline and no one sees it again, so why buy? But I digress. This is supposed to be an unbiased review.

Yes, you can buy likes and followers and fake engagement, but let’s be honest here — you’re never going to be able to CONVERT that into actual sales.

Pros – After you post a photo buying anywhere from 1000-200 likes (depending on your account size), this can help boost your photo to the top of the hashtags that you are using (on the explore page.) Because it’s liked so quickly it will more likely appear on a trending page and most people will instinctively follow your account.

Cons – Most likes are from fake or spam accounts. While they don’t “unlike” the image they aren’t really doing anything to help your photo appear to your current followers.


6. The Almighty Hashtags

Hashtags are essentially Instagram’s sorting process. With around 95 million photos posted on Instagram every day, it’s difficult for Instagram to efficiently deliver the right content to the right people. Hashtags help your post get discovered by viewers most interested in seeing it. — Hubspot

Instagram hashtags are a tricky thing. Do them wrongly and you can get banned; but do them right and it opens a world of possibilities on the gram.

You probably know that you can now only post 30 hashtags max in one post, but the thing is, you often don’t NEED to.

Pros – It shows that you are interested and invested in the communities surrounding the hashtags you are participating in and using yourself.

Cons – Sometimes people don’t notice just another like in the wave of likes they are notified about when they login. You’re just another “face in the crowd.”


7. Instagram Influencer Marketing

This is one of the LEGIT and guaranteed Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019. See a quick example here. We have influencers in Nigeria too. You can pay someone like Maraji to post/promote your IG post/profile on her account for a certain naira and for a time, maybe 24 hours. You will see a massive massive growth in your follower count.

There are no cons to this, only pros. Some charge as much or as little as N20k/post per once a day etc. I think it’s a viable method as well.

Influencer marketing is tricky. And it’s not like it doesn’t work. It does. But you really need to do it right. If you haven’t seen any ROI from working with influencers, it’s probably because you are choosing the wrong influencers. In fact, you were probably choosing influencers who were not real influencers at all.

In conclusion, followers is a vanity metric. What you need is true, genuine engagement from interested people, word-of-mouth, and high-quality product mentions.

Goodluck! Those are my 7 Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2019. Hope they help!


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