100+ best iOS and Android Apps 2020 – Full List & Links

April 1, 2020
April 1, 2020 Zee

100+ best iOS and Android Apps 2020 – Full List & Links

100+ android and ios apps 2020

This is a comprehensive list of the best iOS and Android apps for 2020. If you have the space and you are a phoneophile – yes, I made that up – like I am, then dig in!

Best iOS and Android Apps 2020

Let’s get started.

Learning and Educational

Some apps can teach you stuff, such as languages and skills if you put your mind to it. I’ve listed some below. These are FREE.

  • Duolingo – Learn any language – iOS | Android
  • Wikipedia – Database of knowledge – iOS | Android
  • Quora – Ask anyone anything – iOS | Android
  • TED – Get free business talks – iOS | Android
  • Wolfram Alpha – Learn math – iOS | Android

Social Networking & Communication

These apps are completely free, common and used for daily conversation, networking and chatting with friends on social media.


Most phones come with a traditional email app called ‘mail’. For some, it’s too complicated. Here are a couple of options to make things easy. For even easier use, just add ALL your emails in one app and get going.


Some apps are made to keep us company. I spend hours watching movies on netflix when I want to unwind, or listening to podcasts on audible or curling up with a romance novel on Kobo when I don’t want to code. Heads up – some of these apps have subscriptions attached, though – but are completely worth it.


You can now do your best shopping at the tap of an app icon. Everyone’s favorite is Amazon, sure, but explore the other options below. They are free.

Music & Streaming

Music. The lifeblood of all mankind, feel free to quote me. If you have a phone – iOS or Android, and you don’t have ANY music app, please what is wrong? Do you need a hug? These apps can make your 30 hour flights seem less frustrating, so yea, go ahead and start downloading to stream. Some offer offline play as well. Not all are free, though.

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  • Vox – iOS only
  • Soundcloud – iOS | Android
  • SpotifyStarts at $9.99/month *Doesn’t work in most countries, esp Africa.
  • Deezer – Offline mode starts at $4.99/month iOS | Android
  • Audiomack – Free offline modeiOS | Android
  • YouTube music – Starts at $3/monthiOS | Android
  • Boomplay Music – iOS | Android
  • Apple Music – Comes prepackaged on iOS, starts at $4/month
  • Pandora – Not available in all countries – iOS | Android
  • GarageBand – iOS only.


These apps do everything from handling accounting issues to receiving money from clients and paying bills. They are definitely not free.

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I love to travel. It’s an experience I always look forward to, and most of the apps below make travelling a very stress-less and enjoyable event. These apps do anything from booking cheap flights to finding me a good place to stay and where to shop. They are mostly free.

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Fitness & Health

I’ve never used a fitness app, because well, I’m lazy like that. BUT these really cool apps will keep you fit and accountable if you are consistent. Not all are free.


The apps I’d list here would be agregator apps, which means that it doesn’t limit itself to just one news carrier. For that reason there’ll be no CNN, NYTimes, etc.

Photo editing & Graphics

This is my forte. And these are the best of the best apps available for iOS and Android, you can bet your bottom dollar. AND definitely not free. Dig in!

Video Editing

What’s a smartphone without video? And good video will help you stand out too. This list is lit.

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One of the reasons I love my phone is that I can do literally anything on it. Take notes, write songs, and I even started this blog post using the iOS WordPress app. Basically, you can be productive with your phone, it doesn’t have to be a distraction. These apps below should guide. You know I’d only recommend the best.

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How do you stay secure on your mobile? When it comes to protecting our phones, it can be difficult knowing where to start. From password managers to VPNs to antivirus software, you need to make the smart choice when it comes to securing your device.

site auditing tools


We’re in April 2020, and if you’re on this planet, you’re probably on lockdown or isolation mode no thanks to the Coronavirus situation on ground. Well then, games should help you pass the lonely days and nights ahead. Most offer in app purchases though so get your credit cards ready.

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Whew! That’s it! Over 100+ iOS and Android apps for 2020 worth downloading. Even with a 64GB phone or memory card you should be fine.

Happy downloading!





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