January 8, 2016 Zee

Four Ways to Get New Web Design Inspiration


It seems like its been ages since i posted on this blog, while actually its only been a week+. Don’t blame me, it’s the workload on my head. Perhaps, that’s why I chose the title for this post. As at the time of this post, I have close to 13 unfinished jobs, (not just web design) and I’m not kidding… it’s been hell. My problem is that I am stuck. I have tried and tried for innovative designs but there seems to be this brick wall…

So how do you get inspiration?

1. Take a break/Run away:
I know you’ve probably heard this like a zillion times but its the truth. (I intend to take my own advice, by the way. lol.) Your brain is already clogged up and nothing is forthcoming. In fact, no matter how hard you think, those designs will run away, so you too, run! Hideout. Lodge in a hotel. Take a break. By the time you come back, I think you’ll be ready to face them demons of web design brain drain!

2. Check out fresh stuff:
Always take the time out to check out fresh stuff, fresh designs, e.t.c. It may just be that your brain is tired of doing these same designs that it becomes boring. Google search fresh designs, visit sites. For me, I visit Smashing Magazine and Vanderlay’s design blog for inspiration. Visit the sites yourselves. (I’m not a marketer for them, neither am I being paid for adverts… I just think they are good, and that’s the honest truth.) Maybe what you need is a fresh Idea.

3. Learn a new thing/tutorial:
Yea, I know you may already be a ‘guru’ in your web design or whatever it is you do. But the truth is that you’re not an island. Ne’er be too proud to learn. I personally have sworn to learn at least one new thing everyday; in design, in life, and stuff… and its helping. Learn Photoshop Designs, Flash, Dreamweaver. Ask a professional. Whatever you do, take your mind off the present job. Like if I’m having design problems, i switch over to video tutorials and learn something on PHP or flash. (Maybe I’ll do just that!)

4. Look around you:
Designs are all around us. I’m no atheist. Even the bible says that the heavens declare his handworks. Something even as little as a house design, a billboard design or even a flyer can jog your memory and restore that dead design cell. lol. Look around you!

5. Pray for help!
If the four points above don’t help, then you are in need of some serious prayers! 😀
Seriously, what harm could it do? I believe in God, and I think I will pray for help! I’m also stuck!

Thanks for reading.


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