January 24, 2011 Zee

Unique Websites in 2010

Find below some unique and web designs in 2010.

CPK3 – This is one awesome website. Game oriented.


University Of Farmers – Nigerian Schools need to see this. This is one Kick-Ass University website. And it was fun to watch! lol.


Crash Course – Now I was real surprised to see this site… I’m sure we’ll agree that creativity is a powerful thing. This is an artist’s travelogue. Talk about user experience.


It was fun compiling these. Want to see more? No issues. Continue reading.

20 Things I learned – Leave it to a company like Google to come up with an awesome educational site like this. I’m seeing this site for the first time, but it made it to my list quick!

20 Things

TCM Moguls – Leave it to HOLLYWOOD to design stuff spelt like this A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

TCM Moguls and Movie Stars_1295830871601

Pishon Design Studio – Pishon Designs. Admit it… it’s KICKASS as well, aye? Open-mouthed smile


Range Rover – This site is KICK-ASS!





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