Creative Ways to Handle a Tech Burn Out.

March 5, 2024
March 5, 2024 Zee

Creative Ways to Handle a Tech Burn Out.

It’s overwhelming, I tell you – keeping in touch with everything: Instagram, TikTok, Twi..X, Threads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, YouTube Shorts… and still be relevant in all. So yeah, I don’t blame people for turning it all off and burning out. But is this fixable? Can you get your mojo back?

I’ve been there myself. As the owner of an almost 10 year Brand, (not counting our rebrand) I have faced burn out countless times, but luckily never once have I thought of quitting. Once I have that feeling, I just run away on an extended vacation and leave the business for my capable team.

Anyway, that is story for another day.

What are the signs you’re experiencing a tech burnout?

Decreased Productivity: A noticeable decline in productivity despite working long hours could indicate burnout. Tasks that used to be manageable may now seem overwhelming or take much longer to complete.

Lack of Motivation: Feeling disengaged or apathetic towards work tasks, projects, or goals. This can include a loss of interest in learning new technologies or skills.

Increased Irritability or Impatience: Becoming easily frustrated, short-tempered, or irritable with colleagues, clients, or even oneself can be a sign of burnout.

Difficulty Concentrating: Difficulty focusing on tasks or making decisions, even on routine or simple matters, may indicate burnout-related cognitive impairment.

Physical Symptoms: Burnout can manifest physically, with symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, or changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or excessive sleeping).

Withdrawal and Isolation: Withdrawing from social interactions or avoiding team meetings and events can be a sign of burnout. This withdrawal may stem from feelings of inadequacy, disconnection, or simply the need to conserve energy.

Increased Sick Days or Absences: Taking more sick days or unplanned time off work due to stress-related illnesses or simply feeling emotionally drained can be a sign of burnout.

Cynicism or Negativity: Developing a negative outlook towards work, colleagues, or the industry in general can be a sign of burnout. This may include cynicism, pessimism, or a general sense of disillusionment.

Loss of Enjoyment: Losing enjoyment in activities that were once pleasurable, both inside and outside of work, can be indicative of burnout. This includes hobbies, social activities, and personal interests.

Ignoring Self-Care: Neglecting personal self-care practices such as exercise, healthy eating, and relaxation techniques can contribute to burnout. This may also include neglecting to take breaks during work hours.

Okay, now that we know the signs, how do we fix them?

How do we get the burst of creativity back?

Create a Ritual: Develop a personalized relaxation ritual tailored to your interests and preferences. Whether it’s indulging in a bubble bath, practicing a hobby like painting or playing music, or simply spending time in nature,

find an activity that helps you unwind and make it a regular part of your routine.

“Tech-Free” Time: Dedicate specific periods of time each day to disconnecting from technology. Use this time to engage in offline activities such as reading a book, practicing a craft, or enjoying a leisurely meal without distractions from screens.

Explore Flexible Work Arrangements: If possible, explore flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting or flextime. Having the flexibility to adjust your work schedule or location can help reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

Create a Comfortable Workspace: Design a workspace that promotes productivity and well-being. Personalize your workspace with items that bring you joy, such as plants, photos, or inspiring quotes. Invest in ergonomic furniture and equipment to ensure comfort and reduce physical strain.

Set Goals: Set exciting and meaningful goals for yourself both professionally and personally. Having goals to work towards can provide motivation and a sense of purpose. Break down larger goals into smaller, actionable steps to make progress more manageable.

So…. burnouts are inevitable. But making conscious effort to be productive and giving yourself time to breathe may be the main solution you have.

Have fun.


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