February 27, 2010 Zee

Aphrodisiacs in Design

Sorry to disappoint you, I’m not talking about sex here; I’m talking design.

At some point in our lives we may experience low libido and an extra boost is required to keep the passion alive. For centuries people have made use of aphrodisiacs as libido enhancers to achieve greater sexual health and functioning.

An aphrodisiac is a substance such as food, drink, drug, scent or device that can arouse or induce feelings of sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty.  Aphrodisiacs have a powerful impact on the mind as they are thought to trigger the release of chemicals in the brain which then stimulate certain organs.

In design, we need things, substances, foods, drinks that will boost creativity. For me, its a necessity to have my trusty ‘Power Horse’ energy drink beside me anytime I have deadlines to meet. Let me list a few of such design aphrodisiacs that stir up the ‘feelings’!

Inspirational websites, e.g. Smashing Magazine, Vanderlay, Snell, just creative (Jacob Cass and some more.

A film, minimized on my PC, preferably cartoons. Whenever I have the designers block, I simply watch the cartoon!

Photoshop… I just doodle on PS CS3 and designs stroll my mind!

Paperback Romances. Hmm. Don’t mind me, but seriously, if I need to get my creative mind thinking well again, give me an hour with a paperback romance!

Music. The greatest ‘design aphrodisiac’ for me is music. It turns away all distraction and clears my mind.

Sleep. Nothing solves a block better than a good night’s rest. Or day. You know I’m telling the truth! Designers, especially web designers don’t sleep at night. Imagine the wonders we’ll wrought if we get a decent night’s sleep.

Guitars. Being a guitarist does help, you know. When design needs a rest, I go song writing and guitar jamming. Or I simply call my friends over and we play for hours on end. Hours in the studio or a radio station does calm nerves, you know.

Well, I don’t have a car yet, but driving, apart from cycling is one of the things I love doing best. So, I stroll to a friend’s house, make myself a nuisance and plead for a 1 hour use of his car. Trust me, it works. lol. Sorry, Dave.

My final ‘design aphrodisiac’ is that itself -The aphrodisiac.
There’s nothing like a little food to clear the block in a designer’s mind. And a little romance as well. Works wonders, I tell you!

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