May 26, 2017 Zee

Why You Shouldn’t Use GoDaddy for Buying Domains

I like Godaddy. I really do. And this is not an attempt to make them look bad. They already do it so effortlessly.

My job is just to notify and make potential buyers aware of the fact that when you buy a domain under GoDaddy, they sell your email to potential marketers. I’m talking anybody and everybody.

I have websites under GoDaddy, Inmotion, Namecheap and even 1and1, but only GoDaddy sells your email address. I cannot tell you how many unsolicited emails come from them to my mailbox. I even confronted them about it once here:


Wanna know how they responded?

So what if my email address gets out?

Yah, that’s a good question. On the average I get over 5 emails hourly, asking me if I want to purchase web design services. When I did an inquiry, I found out they were buzzing due to my new domain on Godaddy. So I switched hosts to Namecheap for my cheaper clients. And guess what?

Not one unsolicited mail.

Yeah, not much I know, but to me, privacy is everything. And don’t tell me about domain privacy.

That’s for Domains. How about Hosting? How good is GoDaddy hosting?

I won’t say anything, asides link you to this article below: 

So where to get good hosting services that’s awesome? Check this post out!

Whether you are looking for a web hosting service provider to create your own website or to transfer your existing website to a new web server, do yourself a favor and don’t consider GoDaddy.

Go Daddy has lots of complaints from customers who have used their web hosting service. (EVEN FORBES!!!) Because of the numerous causes and issues regarding the complaints, many past customers are telling friends, family and co-netizens to find better web hosting than GoDaddy.

It’s 2017, and GoDaddy still sucks.

Have a fun weekend.


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