June 7, 2017 Zee

Pishon Design Studio Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Today, 7th June 2017, our web design company, Pishon Design Studio Celebrates 10th Anniversary.

10 years ago I made the decision to continue my path as a web designer, while pursuing my then budding desire to pursue music – also as a career. It looked impossible and downright stupid. But I felt I could pull it off. I had no idea how I knew – maybe because I was a scrawny, skinny, fresh out of school kid with an insane amount of focus. And boy, did it pay off. 🙂

I had worked under 2 bosses after graduating from University of Jos, but I was eager for something more. The second appointment I had had a lot to do with my decision, because my then boss, had also decided to begin offering web design services after he found out I had a background in websites. It was a learning process – even the years that followed, but I am extremely amazed and awed at how the whole thing turned out.

I would not go all out and say it has been rosy. The first five years were the most difficult I had ever faced. Understatement. Getting our feet firm, and business moving wasn’t beans, as my fellow Nigerians would say.

Fast forward 10 years and literally over 100 websites built – no, seriously, over a 100! An average of 10 sites yearly and some really really ugly, lol. – here we are. Some of our clients have remained with us while some have moved on… but this is business. I am very very happy to have reached this milestone and I look forward to more amazing years ahead.

Our mantra:

We have a bias towards art, beautiful graphics and insane websites and believe that nothing is impossible in the world of design and user experience on the web. We work with our in house staff and sometimes other professionals to create that custom look for your brand.

That has been our statement since we began!

So this is a special thank you… our esteemed clients. We would NOT have been here without you.

Our drive remains to be one of the foremost web design companies in Nigeria, and after 10 years, I could say we are on the right track, yeah? I sure hope so!


Have we served you in one way or the other? Thank you too.

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