Gokada App – The Nigerian Uber for Motorcycles

November 6, 2018 Zee

Gokada App – The Nigerian Uber for Motorcycles

is gokada here to stay

Update: August 2020 – Motorcycle services have been banned in Nigeria since Jan 2020, and the founder of Gokada is sadly late. Gokada is now the largest last-mile courier delivery solution in Nigeria. Send your parcels and packages with Gokada.

I stumbled upon a post by a friend who used a service called Gokada to meet an appointment. Curiosity led me to discover one of the most innovative apps ever – The Gokada App!

In Nigeria, especially Lagos, one of the biggest commercial cities ever, almost every commuter can testify to have spent half their life in traffic. Lol. That is why I think this innovation is dope.

What is Gokada?

The average commuter in Lagos spends 600 hours per year on the road in traffic. It’s best to come up with a plan to avoid the traffic.

Gokada is an on-demand motorbike hailing service focused on changing the face of transportation in Nigeria by leveraging technology to connect users to the nearest motorbikes within their area thereby helping them move smartly and beat traffic.

I hear they also use smart 200cc motorbikes that are allowed to move on major roads in Lagos unlike the conventional 100 cc motorbikes driven by the regular okada drivers. Gokada drivers are cautious, verified, experienced, and well trained. They all pass through the Gokada Driver Training School and are re-taught how to properly drive around the streets of Lagos, safely, with a passenger. — Techcabal.


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How does it work?


Requesting a Gokada ride is easy – here’s how Gokada works

  • – Simply open the Gokada App, enter your pick up location and tap request ride.
  • – Your verified Gokada driver will call you to confirm your request and destination.
  • – Your driver arrives in minutes, gives you your hair net and helmet and you hop on the bike.
  • – Your driver gets you to your destinations safely and ends the trip.
  • – Pay cash and rate your driver to help us improve the Gokada experience.

But is it?

I know for a fact that in Abuja, Gokada would have a hard time, especially since bikes in general have been banned from operating, and also, Abuja has a “class” thing going on. But one never knows, right?


What people say about Gokada

So using the hashtag #gokada on Twitter, here’s what I found:

Honestly I am very impressed, and that’s saying a lot. Maybe when I’m in Lagos I could try them, huh?


The Million Dollar Question: Is Gokada here to stay?

Who remembers GoMyWayThey started exactly like Gokada but have shut down services since and the founder has already been employed elsewhere. That’s the issue with Nigerian startups. We follow the hype, but after a while get tired.

Who would the time to start up a Gokada App, (cue battery and PHCN issues) when all I can do to hail a ride is just walk to the bus stop and get a bike, cab or even Taxify?

Also, I read a tweet of a lady who took Gokada from Ikeja to Ajah or something. Haba! Is it safe??? Seems risky though; but I hear their drivers are very safe and calm. Fingers crossed.

Yea, I know the 100cc bikes are not allowed and so on, but would you be heading for a dinner award party or something high classy and despite the traffic, want to roughen up your outfit?

Love the Helmets.

I love the idea, and I hope it stays though!

So what do you think? Would you download the Gokada App? I would, if I stayed in Lagos – would I? Lol. Not sure. But I definitely would recommend it.

Happy ‘tech’ing.


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