8 things I’ve learned as a tech CEO for our 8th anniversary

September 19, 2023
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September 19, 2023 Zee

8 things I’ve learned as a tech CEO for our 8th anniversary

as Pishon Design Studio


Pishon Design Studio turns 8 on September 21 2023 as we were registered exactly that day in 2015.

Before then we were known as Havillah, which has been in existence since 2007 while in university, so technically we’re like 14 years old. But as Havillah, there was more than one CEO, so we chose to rename and rebrand to Pishon Design Studio.

8 things for our 8th anniversary I have learned as a Tech CEO

As the brain and founder behind this amazing Brand, here are 8 things I have learned as both a web designer and CEO in the world of tech.

1. If you don’t deliberately maintain standards, you will be taken for granted.

2. Never ever do business with friends or family. I mean NEVER. Frame it.

3. Financial Discipline is not a myth. Find it like gold.

4. Always issue receipts. Always keep records. Always give invoices. (That’s like 3 in one, lol)

5. Presentation matters. How you look is how your brand will be perceived and how you will be ‘priced’. Pay attention to this one.

6. In line with 5 above, invest in yourself and your craft. Spare no expense in becoming better at what you do each day. Your future self (and pocket) will thank you.

7. Find a way to stand out as a Brand and as a person.

8. Customer service is a must. If they like you, they will refer you, so treat your customers well.

Bonus: Build a team. You cannot do it alone.

There you have it. These are my personal experiences since we rebranded as Pishon Design Studio, and we are still learning daily.

Thank you for spending time with us. Here’s to another 8.


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