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4 Best WordPress Typography Plugins 2017

Typography plays an important role in web design. It improves readability and the time users spend on your website. In this article, we will show you 4 Best WordPress Typography Plugins 2017 just so you can spice up your new website.

Speaking of fonts, Google Fonts remains a solid leader in the market of free fonts, with more than 1000+ choices to pick from, there’s always something new that you can add to your typographic designs through the use of Google Fonts. So here we go!

1. Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts allow you to easily use Google Fonts on your WordPress site. It also allows you to control the typography on your WordPress site by adding a Typography tab in theme customizer.

Using the typography tab, you can change fonts while viewing a live preview of your changes. You can select font sizes, colors, padding, border, and much more.

With over 300,000 downloads in the WordPress repository, it’s easily number 1 on my list.


2. Google Fonts Manager

Google Fonts Manager brings the power of Google’s fonts library to your WordPress site.

You can select, browse, and preview fonts from Google fonts and then add the fonts you want to use to your library. You can then use these fonts in your post editor and themes.


3. Simple Drop Cap

Closed permanently since Dec 2018.

4. Tiny MCE Advanced

Easily ignored but arguably the best and simplest way to change fonts for your website.

If you have been using WordPress visual editor, then you may have noticed that it lacks advanced editing features like changing font sizes, background colors, tables, etc.

This is where TinyMCE Advanced comes in. It extends the default WordPress editor with more formatting buttons. You can choose which buttons you want to add or remove from the visual editor.


So that’s all.

There are wayyy more font plugins, but most are complicated and hard to figure out for newbies, that’s why I made the list of 4 Best WordPress Typography Plugins 2017 short and sweet. 🙂


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