These are the Terms and Conditions on our ongoing promo here. All aspects apply.

(This offer is NOT valid for fully interactive and database driven websites or established companies.

  • Any design will be completed by Pishon within 2 weeks (14 days) of receiving your details unless stated otherwise.
  • For now only Direct deposits apply. Full payments only.
  • All websites will be valid for 1 year. After that, the website hosting will need to be renewed for a continued online presence else the website will no longer function.
  • All websites carry a footnote, “Designed by Pishon”.
  • Client’s input is welcome but design is left to our discretion. [This is a promo package, afterall.]
  • All designs, imagery and visuals remain the intellectual property of Pishon Design Studio – unless provided by the client.
  • Pishon has a no refund policy.

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