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7 reasons you need a Website.

Ever faced the dilemma of convincing clients that they need a website? Trust me, its not easy work. I’ve had so many confuse the job of a web designer with that of anyone. This post looks at this issue from both angles – the client, and the web designer.

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So why do we need websites?

Websites are like living brochures. A leaflet has only so much space for information or pictures but a website has unlimited space to show case all it does. Photos, reviews, blogs, videos, graphics and audio downloads all contribute to a great user experience and allow you to show the visitor what you are really about.

Previously, for an event, posters and leaflets were designed and put up, maybe advertisements taken out in the local newspaper, and the trouble was that people didn’t like have leaflets put in their face and posters were informal and could only provide an A3 page on which to inform and inspire people to come to your events. Today’s technology has the potential to create stunning websites that capture any user’s attention.


Your website is free advertisement.

It is understood that flyers will give around a 5% return, meaning for every 100 you hand out, you can expect 5 to show up.We have designed many flyers and posters and faced the frustration, no matter how good they looked, and at a great cost, of having poor attendance at events. However when we integrate your website with social networks like Twitter, or use a newsletter, your event invite becomes an ‘e-vite’ which is spread around the internet from one digital friend to another for the infinitely better price of only the time it takes to type the text into the box – for free. Internet users will be far more inclined to take the time to look at the invite, and even if they don’t come, they will still have seen your website.


Your website is the first place people check.

To find a phone number, get the latest news, check trending topics, contact a friend, find out when a film is showing, see what products a business sells, get a church’s services times — can all be surmised in the phrase ‘look online’. The internet never closes which means it is the perfect place to get information, especially when the traditional means of phone calling is out the question because it’s past 5pm.


Your website will bring visitors.

Visitors are like priceless, and everyone is keen to do what they can to help potential visitors get to their services.


To Reach New Markets.

Approximately 750 million people worldwide have access to the World Wide Web. They are not all potential customers, but no matter what your business is, you can’t ignore 750 million people!


To Sell your Products & Services

Have you ever bought anything using the internet? Could your product or service be sold directly via the internet? A website can be a great tool to not only promote, but also to sell your services. You can’t be available 24 hours a day. Your website can. Your website is actively selling and growing your business every minute of the day.

note: That’s why its necessary to have a good hosting company. It’ll certainly give your reputation a bad name if people were to visit your site and find it ‘temporarily out’!


To Project a Professional Image.

Customer perception is important. Your business may be small or localised, but there is no reason why you should not compete with the big boys. Your website can be as sophisticated as any competitor, whatever the size of your business.

The use of an associated email address also creates a better impression. Which looks better – an email from sales@yourbusiness.com or one from salesxyz@yahoo.com?

Not having a website these days can create a poor impression among your customers and potential customers. There is no good answer when a customer asks why they cannot locate your website on the Internet!


Cost-Effective Advertising.

Have you ever had a brochure printed for your business? How much did you spend? Think of a website as a full colour brochure. Unlike a printed brochure it never gets lost or thrown away and you never have to have more printed. Your website is available in pristine condition, 24 hours a day to anyone in the world. With a website you can save money when you advertise your business. Reduce advertising costs by using just one effective message and promoting your website address for more details.


In conclusion, I know all I’ve said here is not new. Some of the points I’ve even stated are not my ideas alone. Whatever the case, having a website, I believe, is non-negotiable. I cannot begin to tell you how many clients I’ve had come to me because they saw information on my website.




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