Promo T & C

These are the Terms and Conditions valid for Design Your WordPress Blog Free! deal by Pishon Design Studio. All aspects apply.

(This offer is NOT valid for fully interactive and database driven websites. For that, send an email to or call +234-8086816356).

  • To be a part of the offer you will have to buy the hosting buy using our link.
  • Already having domain and hosting automatically disqualifies you.
  • The design will be completed by Pishon within 2 weeks (14 days) of receiving your details as stated in the post.
  • The website will be valid for one year. After one year, the website hosting will need to be renewed for a continued online presence else the website will no longer function.
  • All websites carry a footnote, “Designed by Pishon”. This is non negotiable.
  • The website will be designed at the discretion of Pishon Designs. All materials have to be provided by the client, but final design is left to Pishon. Any additional design input will be charged at our normal rate.
  • All designs, imagery and visuals remain the intellectual property of Pishon Design Studio and not the client – unless provided by the client.
  • Pishon has a no refund policy.
  • Pishon believes in integrity…and we hold these values dear. That’s why our clients have stuck with us over the years.
  • All details about Pishon can be found on  Follow us on twitter: @pishonde