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Top 5 Poorly Designed Websites in Nigeria

Top 5 Poorly Designed Websites in Nigeria. Having a website is a very nice thing. It’s a chance to connect with your existing and potential customers, so when I go through websites, I expect to be at least wowed, or shake my head in silent appreciation.

But nah. That’s not the case. Here are 5 websites that have shocked the excitement outta me due to how poorly designed their websites are. And these sites are one of the most visited websites in Nigeria! Here we go!

Silverbird Cinemas

Silverbird is arguably one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. It’s Alexa Ranking is 817. Personally I visit the site at least 2x a week to see the schedules and that’s a lot. On mobile, the website is an eyesore. Surely with all his common sense series, Ben Bruce surely can make a statement with his website yeah? Physically it just ewwww. I should think with charging over 1k per movie per person with over 1000 people visiting daily all over the country, affording a cool website (not template based) shouldn’t be that hard to do.

See link


One would ordinarily imagine that being the official petroleum provider for a country as huge as Nigeria your website should reflect that status. And it’s alexa rankings show 1206. That means it’s a popular website. But nah. The NNPC website is bland, absolutely not mobile friendly AT ALL and has been the same way it was since I became a professional web designer. This won’t do. And I can bet that if you see the budget allocation for the NNPC website, you would have a fit based on how expensive the quote would be.

Frankly I think they oughta do better abeg.


Sigh. Web designers can, like we say in Nigeria, fall hand sha. NTA’s alexa ranking is 997. Dropped lower than they’ve ever been. But I think it’s their fault. Even for a news website, I think it’s very poorly designed.  And what’s with the ads??? I have nothing against ads but I do have a problem with just copying and pasting google code into your theme and letting it go. Why not take a little time in tweaking, finetuning and paying attention to things like spacing, padding, etc? Use a good typography plugin or something! I use WordPress for 70% of the sites I build but you couldn’t tell unless you check the source code. You’d be amazed what a sitebuilder can do. Dear NTA, please do better!


You know how the US has Obamacare and their health plans? Well, in Nigeria we only have the NHIS. This means EVERY civil servant has to visit that website at least once. We are over 100million citizens. I wouldn’t visit that site for anything. Looks like it was built in the 1990s. Mobile version? Hell no. That’s why this makes no 3 of our Top 5 Poorly Designed Websites in Nigeria. See for yourself: https://www.nhis.gov.ng/

and finally, last but not least…


In case you don’t know, WAEC is West African Examinations Council. Everybody is who a graduate had to have written WAEC. Surely they oughta take that into consideration when building a website for the entire country, yeah? But nah. Nope. Uh-uh. It seems like the person/company who built the NNPC website above is the one who also build this one. They look exactly alike! And zero too for mobile compatibility.

So there you have it! Our Top 5 Poorly Designed Websites in Nigeria, and not just any websites, these are visited nationwide. We need to start building better websites, fam! This is 2017!

Zee 🙂

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