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June is Pishon! Get a Free Blog!

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Earlier in February, we hinted that our 10th Anniversary is around the corner and you can get free blog by following the instructions below. Yeah, 10! Who’d have thunk it? Personally, I am extremely proud of how well we’ve turned out! We’ve had them all – good clients, bad clients, awesome clients, young, old, very young, very old, blind and all you can think! If I could write a book about how to make it in Web Design I would!

But that’s not the reason for this post. Throughout the month of June, get ready for some really good giveaways and also the launch of the new magazine!

And don’t forget:

We’ll be having a massive giveaway for just 10 of our awesome readers: design your WordPress blog FREE! No, we ain’t playing you, and Yes, you heard right. Sure, there’s always a clause – you have to buy the hosting using our affiliate link, but that’s all.

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