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It’s our 10th Anniversary! Design Your WordPress Blog Free!

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Soooooo…. Pishon Design Studio turns 10 years old in June and over the few next months we’ll be having a massive giveaway for just 10 of our awesome readers: design your WordPress blog FREE! No, we ain’t playing you, and Yes, you heard right. Sure, there’s always a clause – you have to buy the hosting using our affiliate link, but that’s all.


No, we didn’t hit jackpot, and no we are not related in any way to Bill Gates. The idea, rather, is to give back to society (cough), and to our lovely readers. 10 years no be beans, like we say here in Nigeria. We’ve had our share of clients – nice, patient, annoying, slow, etc, but we are still here, and still standing!

Design your WordPress Blog Free – What you will get?

First things first, have you checked out our WordPress Designs? Designing websites is what we looooove to do, so it’s going to be awesome picking all 10 of you! In addition to the website we’ll do for you, you’ll get:

  • Free theme installation
  • Fully functioning website
  • SEO Optimization
  • Installation of essential plugins
  • Latest WordPress version
  • Contact form

So what do you need to do?

All you need to do to partake in this deal is buy hosting using our InMotion Hosting affiliate link. (We will get a small commission when you use our link.) When you’re done, send us your invoice and:

  • Username and Cpanel details
  • Email ID
  • Domain name

note: When you buy hosting from InMotion, you get a free domain name.

What’s in it for us?

design your wordpress blog free

Well. We are affiliates with the hosting company and we will get paid for referring people to them, so we thought, “hey, why not?”. And well, it’s business. Service is the best form of promotion.

A few rules, btw..

  • This offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is open to the first 10 people who buy using our link.
  • Already having hosting somewhere else disqualifies you from the promo.
  • We will not post articles for you after setting up, you will have to do them yourself.
  • This offer is for setting up a functioning blog only, not a full website. (Some people take undue advantage of free deals so we don’t deal.)
  • For detailed website discussions, please contact us. We may charge a small fee.
  • Offer is valid for 30 days and will expire JUNE 1 2017.

Terms and conditions apply!

So let’s go!! BUY HOSTING HERE