About Pishon Design Studio

Web Design Company in Nigeria

Your number one web design company in Nigeria.

Pishon Design Studio (pronounced pie-shun) is very much one of the leading brands when it comes to website design in Abuja, Nigeria.

We take our time to craft brands, manage social profiles and build quality website designs and applications that make user experience much easier.

Our mission is to be the go-to agency for digital and mobile solutions in Nigeria. Pishon is led by Zainab Sule, a CIW-Certified Web Design Specialist and Microsoft professional.

Pishon is made up of passionate and experienced people; we love what we do. We are focused on 5 core services: Branding, UI, Mobile Apps, Website Design and Social Media. We share our expertise whenever possible through our blog.

No matter the website or project, Pishon has the experience and skill set to handle whatever project you might have in mind. We have worked on web design projects with local Businesses in and outside the country. 


We’ve been building websites since 2007. We evolved as technology evolved.