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Major Blogging Platforms

Except you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t tell me that you’ve not noticed the sudden spike in blogging everywhere. Especially here in Nigeria. Everyone is now a blogger. I think we may ascribe the spike to when the popular Linda Ikeji revealed her only source of income was blogging. Talk about change in […]

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How to Move Your Posts From Blogger to WordPress

When you suddenly realize that you desperately need to move from Blogger to WordPress and you don’t want to start typing your posts all over again. Here’s the straight forward way: The Transition…From Blogger to WordPress Get your Website — Read A Total Newbie’s Guide to WordPress Export your Blogger blog by visiting Settings » Other […]

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Do I need SSL for My Website?

Hey there. For today’s post we’re going to go all technical. I’ve heard so many people talk about SSL, HTTPs and all that website lingua and it got to a point I realized I really need to put more light on this, especially for folks who already have a website. So the question is, what the […]

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